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Riflessioni dopo aver vissuto tre mes...


Da pochi giorni  a Isola è finita Incarnate 2016, una scuola di tre mesi organizzata da OM Arts per artisti cristiani. Lo scopo del corso è di aiutare i propri studenti ad approfondire il concetto di arte e aiutarli a capire come poterla usare per servire il Signore, la chiesa e la comunità. Riportiamo le riflessioni […]

  • Wounded feet, healed heart - Moldova
    Their desire to help leads a Love Moldova outreach team to a woman whose loss of her toes leads to the salvation of her soul.
  • ‘We must help these people’
    OM Greece A speedboat approached the gritty beach of the Greek island of Lesbos carrying around a dozen people. It quickly dumped their luggage into the choppy sea before racing away. After some emotional greetings, the OM Greece team and others offered the newcomers towels, water and bananas. The team soon discovered that they were […]
  • The headman's story - Zambia
    Dimas, the headman of a small village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, shares about the challenges of being a headman and Christian.
  • On the road throughout Europe - International
    Throughout the year Bus4Life provides encouragement to local pastors and OM teams in Eastern Europe, partnering with them to share the Gospel.
  • Ten years later hearts are changing - North Africa
    After 10 years in North Africa, an OM worker sees a change in the hearts of neighbours and friends.